Full Time Trailer Living: Day 365

It was pouring again this morning when we woke up. Luckily it didn’t stick around too long, but it really was a crummy day all day. It was so chilly, Simon hid in our sweater half the day!!

We decided to go get groceries in Amherstberg this afternoon. We took our time and wandered around the Walmart, since it was too crappy to do anything outside today.

I’ve started planning our trip south. This weather is really motivating us to hit the road. We now have a general idea of where we are staying for the first week after we leave Canada. Trust me, this is way more planning then I did last year!!

We had dinner over at Doug and Karen’s again tonight. We had an amazing pot roast dinner. It was so good!! We had to head home early tonight though, because all the good shows were on!! If you haven’t watched the 9-1-1 show yet, you’re totally missing out!

We had a lazy evening in front of the TV. It was wonderful!

2 Replies to “Full Time Trailer Living: Day 365”

  1. Lazy evenings are the best, epically when you’ve had a pretty productive day! I’ve decided to slow down today myself. It’s Thursday, which rounded up is practically Saturday, right? Right. 😴 Have a good day!


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