Full Time Trailer Living: Year 2, Day 3

Today I started out my day with coffee and very slow internet.

I managed to get a new video made last night, and I wanted to get it uploaded today, but we couldn’t pick up the internet from inside the trailer. So I took my computer and coffee out to the picnic table and voila, it worked!! Unfortunately, the internet here is sooo slow!! It took an hour and a half to upload a 5 minute video.

Needless to say, the video is up and you can watch it here:

After my frustrating morning, I needed wine!! We decided to head to Harrow to go to my favourite winery, Colio. We tasted a few, and picked out a couple bottles.

While we were in Harrow, we also went to their local grocery store to get more water. You’ll never guess what their grocery store is called. Sanford and Sons!! We went there strictly because of their name. It’s a locally owned and operated store, so obviously the prices are a bit higher, but how often can you say you shopped at Sandford and Sons??

We took the pups for a walk when we got back. The weather is so confused right now. Yesterday was summer, today was fall until this afternoon, and then when we took the pups out for the walk, it pretty much felt like winter. We froze!!

Doug and Karen picked us up on the golf cart this evening and we went up to the on site restaurant for dinner.

We’ve had dinner there a few times, and it’s always really good. Tonight was no exception. Everything was delicious!

We ended the day hiding in the trailer with the heater on. I can’t believe this weather. Last night we had to sleep with the fan on because it was so warm, tonight we’re freezing!! At least it will be good running weather for the morning!

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