Full Time Trailer Living: Year 2, Day 4

I’m amazed at how many people rolled into the campground today. It’s the Thanksgiving long weekend, so we knew it would be busy, but nothing really prepares you for it. We definitely experienced the calm before the storm this week!

I started off this morning out for a quick run around the fairly empty campground.

I decided to just do a couple km, then walked the dogs for another couple. It was a good temperature for running, which means it was a good temperature for the dogs too.

All in all, I hit every road in the park, and I wore out the pups in the process.

We decided to head in to Windsor to get gas today, which was a horrible idea. Everywhere was crazy. We forget about long weekends until we run into crowds. In the short time we were gone, the park just about filled up, and they just kept coming. There are some massive rigs here!

We had a nice dinner with Doug and Karen over at their place, and then hid from the masses in our trailer. It’s still really cool out, but that’s not stopping people from hanging out outside this evening!! Yup, definitely crazy Canadians!!

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