Full Time Trailer Living: Year 2, Day 5

Oh man did we see some bad weather today!! It started at 3am, and the storm was so loud in the trailer!! There was no sleeping through it for any of us.

We did get back to sleep, so we ended up sleeping in a bit. The weather was crummy all morning too, so we stayed indoors and cuddled with the pups.

We had family lunch today. It’s our last get together with all of Jeff’s family before we head south. Matt, Hailee and Nate came to the park, and we had a great lunch at the restaurant. While we were eating the weather finally cleared, so we were able to pick up the dogs and walk them over to Doug and Karen’s after lunch to visit with everyone some more.

It was a fun afternoon, and it was nice to get together with everyone before we leave.

The bad weather wasn’t through yet!! We headed back to Doug and Karen’s later this evening, and got there just as the rain started back up. It was another bad storm, and it downpoured!! The roads and golf course here are even flooding!

It really wasn’t a great week, weather wise, for our camping trip, but we still had a great time here at Wildwood. Tomorrow we pack up, and head back to Sarnia for Thanksgiving dinner and final preparations for our trip south!!

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