Full Time Trailer Living: Year 2, Day 6

Today was a tough day. Everything went wrong, and it has been rough.

Our day started out great, we went for a nice breakfast with Doug and Karen, and then headed back to pack up. That’s where it turned.

We had almost everything done, all that was really left was to pull in the tip-out. Jeff pushed the button, it moved about 2 inches and stopped. We tried everything to get it to move. We had Jeff’s dad, the owner of the park and numerous other campers try and help, but nothing would work!! Finally, I found the trouble shooting pdf for our slide online and figured out how to manually push in the slide. Of course this happened on the Sunday of a long weekend!!

We hit the road and headed back to Sarnia. Thankfully we had a very uneventful drive, and all we kept saying is, please let it work to push out the slide. Our trailer is very small and hard to maneuver in with the slide in.

We pulled into my mom’s backyard, crossed our fingers and pushed the button. Nothing. I guess it was wishful thinking, I’m pretty sure the motor is pooched. We tried pushing it out, but man is that thing heavy!! This is as far as we could get it.

Of course, we are a tad bit frustrated, but we are trying to stay positive. We only have to deal with this for a couple days. All the stores will be open on Tuesday, so hopefully we’ll be able to get it fixed this week. Our trailer feels so tiny like this, but it’s also pretty funny. Jeff was sitting on the couch, and we could see each other through the window while I was in bed.

If things weren’t bad enough tonight, Luka jumped off the bed funny, I think the slide being in messed with her, and now she’s limping. Like not putting any weight on her front paw. It doesn’t seem to bother her until she’s walking, so I’m hoping in the morning she’s feeling a bit better.

Like I said, it’s been a rough day. Tomorrow has to be better right???

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