Full Time Trailer Living: Year 2, Day 7

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Today is Thanksgiving Monday, and we have a huge dinner planned!! Mom got up early and got the turkey in, so when we got up and went in to make coffee this morning, it already smelled soooo good!

I decided I’d better get out for a run, since I planned on eating a ton of food tonight. I ran my usual 5k, and logged a pretty good time, but it was starting to get warm by the end of my run.

Trust me, after the week we’ve had, I’m definitely not complaining about the heat!!

I got back in time to help my Poppa with my mom’s garden. We cleared the bed a few weeks ago, and today we replanted some hostas and irises. We finished in time for me to help mom with the rest of the dinner prep. We really work well together in the kitchen.

Today is also my brother’s birthday.

He came over for dinner with Kristen and baby Ellie. Ellie is 2 weeks old now, and she’s so adorable. I got to feed her before dinner, then mom stole her.

Our dinner was amazing. I ate way too much. We had so much food, and have so many left overs. We even had 3 types of pie!!

Of course Jeff had all 3.

After dinner Jeff got out the drone to show off it’s features. He got some great shots!

I was busy cleaning the kitchen.

We have so many things to be thankful for. We live a very blessed life, and are grateful for every day.

I’m so glad we get to be present for all of these special occasions. I wouldn’t have it any other way!

We finished off the night walking off dinner with Becks and Luna. It didn’t work. I’m still so full!!

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