Full Time Trailer Living: Year 2, Day 8

Today we had an appointment to get new tires on the trailer. It took us a while to get the trailer all packed up, mostly because it’s really hard to push the slide in manually with just the two of us.

I’m amazed at the softness of the side walls on our old tires. They are the tires that came with the trailer 4 years ago, so I think we were due.

We opted for GoodYear tires. They’re a better tire all round, and they look sharp!

We got them from Bayview, here in Sarnia, and Jeff went in to assist Blake. They did a great job!!

While Jeff was out doing that, I got mom’s grass cut, and a new video uploaded. Today we put up the video from our drone flight at the old hospital. You can check it out here:

I also started the painstaking task of trying to find someone to fix our slide. The local RV shops were not helpful. They apparently are way too busy, and don’t work on our Shwintek slide. I was getting very frustrated, then I tried Leisure Days, which is where we bought our trailer. They too are very busy, but they also managed to squeeze us in tomorrow.

Leisure Days is located in Ayr, which is almost a 2 hour drive for us, but we really were running out of options, and also running out of time. Our hope is to have our slide fixed before next week. Trust me, my fingers are crossed and I’m praying for a miracle at this point.

This afternoon we took the pups to PetSmart. Simon needed his nails done. They have the cutest Halloween costumes. I had to use restraint not to buy this!

Isn’t he adorable????

We had a delicious dinner of leftovers, my favourite!! Hot turkey and stuffing sandwiches, yummmm! After dinner, I spent the evening dying my hair.

It’s a process, but it’s so much cheaper then going to a salon. Tomorrow evening I’ll add some fun colour. This time I think I’m going with a hot pink!

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