Full Time Trailer Living: Year 2, Day 55

We’ve implemented suntan Sunday, starting today! It was an absolutely beautiful day, so we really wanted to take full advantage of it.

We spent a large portion of our day in the pool.

I also got my cross stitch out and worked on it a bit, while still taking in the sun.

We really didn’t do much else today. It’s hard to tear yourself away from such a beautiful park!

And the pool was 92°!!

Tomorrow is cyber Monday, and I’m looking into a Kindle. I finished The Girl Who Dared to Think, and there are 7 books in the series, but I can’t find the next 6 books for my Ereader. Apparently, they aren’t available with Kobo, which is super frustrating.

I was able to find the paperback books online, but each one is $16 American. It is actually less money to buy the Kindle, and it’s waterproof!!

We watched another beauty sunset tonight while BBQing.

This is one of our favorite parks because of the 360° views.


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