Full Time Trailer Living: Year 2, Day 59

It rained today!! In the desert!!!! We woke up to sun, but it wasn’t long before the clouds rolled in.

We couldn’t even see the mountain! But you know what that means?? Snow on the mountain tops! Tomorrow we should be able to see snow, far off in the distance, just the way I like it!!

It rained on and off all day, which meant a pretty bright rainbow!!

During one of the breaks in the rain, I walked up to the front to pick up my package that arrived this morning. If you remember, I ordered my kindle on cyber Monday and it arrived just in time for a rainy day.

The rest of the package I haven’t been able to talk about it because it was a surprise for Jeff. His birthday is coming up in December, so I bought him something he has wanted for a while, and since we don’t really have anywhere to hide it, he got to open his present early.

Back at the Matt Cave, he has a video game racing wheel and pedals for when he plays his racing games. An add on to this set up, is a gated shifter to make his driving more realistic.

Unfortunately, he has to wait until the spring to get to test it out, but he was super surprised to get it, and he already had it out to play with it.

I spent the majority of the day curled up with the pups on the couch with my new book. I’m so glad I got the kindle. It came with a free month of kindle unlimited. I can download as many books as I want for free, so I have the whole series I wanted to read already on my ereader and ready to go!

I did get another 2 videos done tonight too. I’m slowly getting caught up. We’re almost to Page Arizona in our videos now, so about a month behind.

I’m hoping the weather is better tomorrow, but as we are laying in bed, the wind is so strong it’s shaking the trailer. We really hope they die down by the morning. Our friends Logan and Kira could quite possibly arrive tomorrow and I really want the weather to be nice for their short visit!


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