Full Time Trailer Living: Year 2, Day 60

We woke up to sun this morning, which was a welcomed change to our dreary day yesterday. Although it was still pretty windy, it was warm and dry, so we can’t really complain. There was one good thing that came from the storm yesterday. Snow!! In the mountain tops off in the distance just the way we like it.

My mom went to the Overflow cafe this morning, and called me from there so I could say hi to the girls!! They were super busy, which is a good thing, so we just got to have a quick chat. I sure do miss our walks with Becks and Luna and of course their delicious breakfast too. It was good to see them though, even if it was just a quick hello.

Next up, I hit up the gym for my run, and finally hit 5km in 30 minutes!!

I’m getting there, slowly but surely.

This afternoon we ran into Walmart to pick up some groceries, then took the pups to get their nails done at the Petsmart. They were both so good, and all the ladies loved them.

We had a quick dinner then finally got some guests!! Logan and Kira made the trek south from BC and we’re so excited to see them!! They’re just here for the weekend, definitely not long enough, but better then nothing.

We had a great visit with them tonight. We just hung out in the trailer and caught up. It’s been 7 months since we’ve seen each other, and although we obviously keep in touch, it’s so much better hanging out in person!!

Tomorrow we get even more company!! My mom is flying out for a week long visit, and we can’t wait to see her!


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