Full Time Trailer Living: Year 2, Day 61

Today was a very exciting day. Not only are Logan and Kira here, but my mom was coming today too!! Her plane was due to land at 12:45pm, so we had the morning free. We decided to lounge by the pool and soak in the sun until we had to head to the airport.

We got a message from my mom while she was in the air (yes they now have wifi on airplanes) that she would be landing 15 minutes early. We pulled into the airport right after her plane landed, so we didn’t have to wait long for her.

It’s a relatively small airport, so I went in to the baggage area and found her almost immediately. I’m so excited she’s here to visit, and so are the pups!!

She has a beautiful room at the DoubleTree in palm springs. It’s pretty ritzy. Her room even has a balcony!!

We got her all checked in, and unpacked. She brought us some treats from our favorite people.

Yes, they are butter tarts from the Overflow Cafe, and yes, we have craved them since we left.

We brought mom back to the park, and met back up with Logan and Kira by the pool.

After a very long soak in the hot tub, we got ready and headed out for a quick and easy dinner at Five Guys!!

It was so good, as usual. We dropped mom off after dinner. She had a very long day, and we are 3 hours behind, so she was tired. We ended up hanging out in the trailer with Logan and Kira drinking beers and chatting pretty late into the night again.

It’s so nice to have friends and family here to visit. We are having a blast!!


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