Full Time Trailer Living: Year 2, Day 64

Today our plans were to go hang out by the pool at my mom’s hotel. After we got up and had our coffee, Jeff decided he didn’t feel like having a pool day, so he stayed home while I took the pups to the hotel.

This is the first pool area I’ve found that is dog friendly. In fact, the whole hotel is very dog friendly, and it’s so nice!! They have poop bag stations everywhere on their property too.

It wasn’t super warm today. But mostly that was just because of the cool breeze every once and a while. Since it was “cool” we had the whole pool area to ourselves!!

The dogs were super happy to be able to lounge with us today.

And this pool area is so nice!! Right outside of the pool area is a beautiful golf course, and a view of the mountain. We felt super ritzy today for sure.

Also just outside of the pool area is a restaurant and lounge, so we had a bite to eat outside too. Nothing like lunch with a view!

It was a perfect girls day of lounging. I got to read a bit of my book, and we soaked up the sun for most of the day.

When the sun was starting to go down, we headed out to Sally’s Beauty to get some hair dye. Tomorrow is supposed to be pretty crummy, so it’s a good day to do our hair and hang out in mom’s hotel room.

When we got home, Jeff was over at the pool. I dropped the pups off at the trailer and went for a quick dip with him before making dinner. I think he enjoyed having the trailer to himself for the day, but I’m sure he missed us just a little.


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