Full Time Trailer Living: Year 2, Day 93

It’s starting to warm up a bit, finally, and since it was a beautiful sunny day we decided to go out. We have pretty much been hibernating for the past few days, so it felt good to leave the confines of our tiny home.

We drove past an RV dealership the last time we were on the highway, so we looked it up online and saw that they had some nice fifth wheels. Since we will be in the market for a bigger rig in the summer, we thought why not start some research now.

I will admit, one of my favorite brands is the Mobile Suites. They are conpletely over the top, and way out of our price range, but what can I say? I have expensive taste. And lucky for us, they had a few Mobile Suites at this dealer.

They have everything a house has, but mobile. I’m not joking. They even have dishwashers. One in particular caught our eye. It was beautiful. And huge. I’m pretty sure our whole trailer could fit in the living room.

They come with a ginormous TV and a residential fridge that is bigger than the fridge we had in our house.

Oh did I mention, 2 bathrooms too!!! All this for a cool $200,000.

It sure is fun to dream.

We did go through some much more affordable options as well. If it wasn’t for the exchange rate and the fact that we need to upgrade our truck, we probably would have walked out with a new trailer. Cooler heads prevailed though, although it did make us excited to start shopping back home.

In fact, when we got back to the trailer we even did some searching online. We finished off the night over at the hot tub once again. We really love taking advantage of the amenities here, and that’s a big reason why we don’t really boondock. Having a hot tub is almost as good as the bathtub we gave up when we sold the house, and we feel that spending the money to stay in a park like this is totally worth it.

Anyways, we had fun today checking out those huge rigs. I really hope next year we’re staying in this park in a much bigger rig!


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