Full Time Trailer Living: Year 2, Day 94

What a beautiful day! It’s finally starting to warm back up. I decided to hit the gym early, so I could spend more time outside enjoying the sun. I started off on the treadmill, ran for a mile then jumped on the elliptical for 5k. I had the gym to myself today and it was wonderful.

After my shower I went right to the sun with my book. I finished up the 5th book in my series today, and even started on the 6th!

We headed over to the pool later this afternoon and met Tim and Bri for a soak and and a visit. We ended up hanging out there with them for a couple hours. It was fun!!

I had plans on going grocery shopping after the pool, but we stayed way longer then I had anticipated. No biggie, it just means I’ll have to run out in the morning. I’d rather do that then go out after dark. Ever since our window got smashed in Vegas, I really don’t like going out at night.

So instead of going out, I spent the evening puppy cuddling. It’s my favourite way to spend the evening!!


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