Full Time Trailer Living: Year 2, Day 96

Brrrrrr it’s so cold!! What the heck happened to our warm up?? I swear this is not normal! I mean, at least it wasn’t like this last year when we were here. Thankfully, we are still headed for that warm up, at least that’s what the weathermen keep telling us.

Once I pulled myself out of my nice warm bed, I headed to the gym. I did my fastest 5k to date, so I continued on to a full 4 miles!

When I got back to the trailer I focused on laundry. My new drying rack works so awesome! I was able to get all our laundry done today. Without that rack I would have had to do multiple days of laundry because we didn’t have anywhere to hang everything to dry.

The pups are not enjoying this weather either.

Can you see Simon?

He always figures out a way to bury himself to keep warm. It’s pretty adorable.

The mountains are getting more snow today with this cold weather. You can really see the accumulation, even from our trailer!

Since it was so cold, I whipped up some broccoli and cheddar soup for dinner, then worked on our next episode. I really had a busy day today, and I’m wiped!! From the sounds of it, we have another cold one in store tomorrow. Hopefully that’s it, I’m getting sick of wearing pants!!


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