Full Time Trailer Living: Year 2, Day 99

Well, I woke up so sore today. The first week of the 21 day fix is always the worst. I mean, it’s definitely a good hurt, but oh my God my legs!!

That being said, after having my coffee, I headed out for day 2!! Today was upper fix, and it was great! I think I’m in better shape this time around because although I’m sore, I am able to complete pretty much all the workouts without modifying. Since we live in such a small space, I am forced to do my workout outside.

It’s an ok set up though, and in the shade all morning, so it works!!

After my workout, I sat outside with my book for a bit, before we packed up and headed into town. I was on a mission, thanks to our new friends Tim and Bri. They came across the best The Bachelor shirt at Target and I had to get one!!

Lucky for me, they still had a couple left!! It will be debuted next Monday, so stay tuned!

While we were eating dinner tonight, we had the most amazing sunset!! It was so beautiful we had to take a break from eating to go take some pictures!! Here are a few of my faves:

We finished off the night at the hot tub so I could soak my aching muscles. I have the lower fix to do in the morning and then we have some adventures planned, so hopefully I’m not too sore!


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