Full Time Trailer Living: Year 2, Day 121

I almost feel bad talking about my day today. Back home it’s freezing cold, and it sounds miserable!! Here, we had 70 degree weather and it was beautiful.

I got outside and did my workout, took the pups for a walk, then headed out to do some running around. First stop of the day was Petsmart. Simon needed his nails done, and we wanted to get Luka a new harness, preferably a soft one that would be more comfortable for her.

Simon had a new girl do his nails, so it took a little longer than normal. Because of that, they gave him a free cologne spritz! He smells like a little old man, and it’s adorable!

As for Luka, I found one harness that I thought might work with some tweaks, so I bought it. It’s pretty fantastic.

You can’t go wrong with rainbows and sparkles, but the skirt was a bit much. So, I removed the skirt, and then made the straps a bit smaller, so it fits her better. It turned out great!

And works well. We went for a walk with it on, encountered a dog, and she didn’t escape, so I call that a win.

After Petsmart, I hit up the Walmart. We need a gas can for our generator. They didn’t have one. Apparently they were all recalled. At least we’re not in a rush for that. Next I waited forever for someone to help me in the bicycle department. Jeff’s bike has a flat tire, and for some reason they keep their $5 bike tubes locked up. Super annoying. Then, I grabbed some groceries, before heading home.

I cooked up a delicious taco dinner before working on Luka’s harness. Once I was done with all that, I started on a new video, which is producing right now!!

Over all I feel like I had a very productive day. And we have very happy pups! Stay tuned!! We will have a new video up in the morning!!


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