Full Time Trailer Living: Year 2, Day 122

It was a very exciting day for us today!! First things first though, I got our latest video uploaded!!! Check it out:

Once that was done, I got out and did my workout while the sun was still shining. They were calling for rain later today, so I had to take advantage of the nice weather.

After my workout, we got the notification we were anxiously waiting for!! Our generator was delivered! Normally, we would walk down to pick up our mail, but the generator was listed at 52lbs, so we drove to the front of the park.

We opened it up, and checked it out, but didn’t add oil or gas to it yet. We still need a gas can before we can go any further. But it looks like a good generator! I guess we’ll find out soon!

We also added a couple more electronics to our collection. A voltmeter to keep track of our battery levels, that looks pretty slick.

And a small power inverter so we can still watch TV when we’re off grid.

These additions are such a game changer!! We now have the ability to stay anywhere, with or without hookups!!!

The rain rolled in shortly after we got everything put away. Our generator fits in our understorage, which is awesome, because we didn’t know where we were going to keep it until we start moving again. Once it has gas and oil in it, we will keep it in the bed of the truck.

Since it was a crummy afternoon, I started researching some boondocking areas. There are so many, just in this area alone. It’s quite overwhelming, especially when you don’t really have a plan on where you’re going next. Our possibilities are endless and I have no idea where our next stop will be.

After dinner I started on another bracelet. I’m almost done it, and it’s looking great!!

The rain stopped this evening so we snuck over for a late night hot tub before bed. Tomorrow is supposed to be nice before another storm rolls in, so we will have to take full advantage of the sun!!


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