Full Time Trailer Living: Year 2, Day 124

The bad weather rolled in, just like they were calling for. And man did it suck. It was rainy, and dreary all day.

I’m so glad we did our running around yesterday. We got so much rain today that a bunch of roads flooded around the area and we were put under a flash flood warning.

We didn’t leave the trailer today, except for the pups to go out to pee. Jeff fired up his xbox and I worked on another bracelet.

I’m accumulating quite the collection of bracelets! Eventually I’ll start selling them!

We had lots of puppy snuggles today. The rain makes them nervous, but they did really well today.

We did some more research into where we are headed next again today. I think we are going to stay in California for a bit longer, but in some new locations. I really want to go to Universal Studios, so we are going to head towards L.A.!

The rain finally quit after the sun went down. We took the pups for a late night stroll just to get out of the trailer. You don’t realize how small your space is until you’re confined to it for a whole day!! I’m really hoping the weather is better for tomorrow. I miss the sunshine already!!


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