Full Time Trailer Living: Year 2, Day 125

We woke up to sunshine! Thank god, because we were going stir crazy yesterday being stuck inside all day. At least yesterday I had an excuse not to do my workout. Today I had to make up for it.

So first things first, I did the dirty 30 workout. It’s one of my favourite workouts, so it wasn’t that bad. After my workout, I had my shower, and also gave both pups a bath. They didn’t really need it, but it’s been a while and Simon still smelled like an old man, thanks to Petsmart.

Since this week is supposed to really cool down here, I sat out in the sun for about an hour and finished my book. Remember how I said the book took a bad turn and I didn’t think I would like the ending?? I’m glad I kept reading because the ending was sooooo good! It’s bittersweet though, because that was the last book in the series. Time to start researching for a new series!!

Apparently today was the Super Bowl. I’m not a big football fan, but we did tune in for the very disappointing half time show.

To be honest, I was more excited that tbs was airing all of the hunger game movies!! They started at 6, and I’m now climbing into bed after midnight during the third movie. I highly doubt I will see the fourth!!

It was a nice lazy day and I thoroughly enjoyed myself, but I definitely feel lazy. Tomorrow, I swear I’m going to be more active!!

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