Full Time Trailer Living: Year 2, Day 126

Our day today was pretty relaxed, but like promised, I was a bit more active. As a result, the pups had to be more active too.

I actually bought some charms to add to my bracelets off amazon, and they were delivered today, so we took the dogs for a long walk down to the front gate. It was a beauty day for a walk, but a bit on the cool side. And this is just the beginning. It’s supposed to go down to the 50’s this week!! After our walk, Luka was sawing logs!! It was pretty adorable.

I didn’t do my workout first thing this morning, and I honestly thought about not doing it. But I got out there later this afternoon and pushed through it, just as the next storm rolled in.

The charms I ordered turned out to be a good buy!! But they didn’t come with a ring on them, so with Jeff’s help, we added rings to each of them. Not the easiest task, but once you got into a rhythm it wasn’t that bad!

Before the bachelor started, we had to run out and get a bottle of wine. It’s just not the same watching it without a glass of wine in your hand!! And the rest of the night was pretty low key, just hanging out watching TV.

The wind picked up again late this evening. I really hope it doesn’t keep us up tonight!! It’s so crazy how much it shakes the trailer!!


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