Full Time Trailer Living: Year 2, Day 127

Well the weather still sucks. It’s so windy today, I’m suprised Simon didn’t blow away!!! So it was way too shitty for me to get out and do my workout. I’m hoping tomorrow will be nicer, and I’ll do both today’s workout and tomorrow’s workout tomorrow.

We did take the dogs for a walk this morning. It was not very enjoyable, because the wind made it cold.

And the mountains have way more snow on them now!! We tried to get a picture, but it just doesn’t do it justice!!

This afternoon, since I couldn’t enjoy the outdoors, I did my second favourite thing: shopping!! I went to Sally’s beauty to get hair dye, hobby lobby for arts and crafts stuff, and Walmart for groceries and everything else.

I even got a new rug for our trailer. I ended up getting the same teal one we used to have. We tried a grey one, but it was too dark, so it made our space feel small.

While I was off gallivanting, Jeff cleaned the trailer and tried to capture just how windy it really is today. The news said the wind gusts were upward of 40 miles an hour. It’s hard to describe how much the wind really shakes the trailer but I can tell you it is very unsettling.

After all my running around, I poured myself a nice big beer and started on dinner.

It was too windy to do anything this evening as well. Even the hot tub was too cold thanks to the wind. So we stayed inside and I started on another bracelet.

We are getting close to our moving date, and I really hope we have a few more nice days here to enjoy the sun!!


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