Full Time Trailer Living: Year 2, Day 130

Today, I feel like I accomplished a lot. First off, I finished up the video I started last night while drinking my coffee. While it was processing, I figured I better try and catch up on my workouts. I’ve been slacking this week, so I doubled up and did leg day and ab day back to back.

Since it took an hour to do my workouts, the video was done processing and I was able to start the upload before taking the dogs for a walk.

Jeff joined us, and we ended up stopping for a round of mini golf while we were out.

This course is at our park, and totally free!!

We had a blast, and Jeff kicked my butt!!

The pups followed me around the course like my own cheering section. It’s nice that they have this course here. I can’t believe we didn’t play sooner!! I love putt putt!

We continued on our walk, and Luka was raring to go. We stopped to say hi to Tim and Bri, and cut our visit short because Luka just wanted to keep moving!! But we agreed to meet up with them later for a soak in the hot tub.

After walking all around the whole park, Luka was ready for a nap, and I had to publish our video and get some more laundry done. Mission completed. Our video is up here:

And I got all but one load of laundry done before the sun set. Once the sun goes down and it gets cold we have to move our drying rack inside and we really don’t have enough room for it. Although, we have figured out a solution that kinda works. We put it in the bathroom and turn on our electric heater blowing in that direction. It keeps our laundry contained, but makes our bathroom completely unusable until everything dries.

After dinner we headed over to the pool and hung out with Tim and Bri for a few hours! I can’t believe how long we were there for, but we all get chatting and lose track of time. We all leave this park the same day next week, so we have to make the most of our next few days together. But honestly I don’t think this will be the last time we see them. At least I hope not!!


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