Full Time Trailer Living: Year 2, Day 305

We had one more leg of driving to go today, and it was another 500+km day. We had a pretty decent night’s sleep at the casino in Gananoque, and were up and ready to go by 9am.

It was a pretty uneventful day. The traffic around Toronto was crazy, but we took the 407 toll rode and bypassed the city and all the traffic. I have no idea what it’s going to cost, but it was totally worth it.

We still hit some traffic once we passed Toronto, but it was nothing compared to the traffic going into Toronto. Those poor suckers would have been stuck for hours I’m sure.

We made a quick pit stop in London to pick up Jeff’s car, and rolled into Sarnia by dinner time. It was a long day in the truck.

The pups are super happy to be back in mom’s backyard.

I got our sheets washed and had the longest shower of life. It was fantastic. We had dinner with mom and sat outside enjoying the cool evening weather, and no bugs!

We have a long list of things to do while we’re back in Sarnia. We had a few things break on the trailer this trip (surprise, surprise) so they need to be fixed while we’re stationary. I want to give the trailer a good deep clean. We have to get the door to our truck fixed from way back when our window was smashed. And I’m sure even more things will come up.

First things first, tomorrow we have to tackle the mound of laundry that built up over the past two weeks, and wash all the bugs off the truck and trailer that we’ve collected over the thousands of miles we’ve travelled!


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