Full Time Trailer Living: Year 2, Day 306

The day after a long time on the road is alway pretty uneventful. First things first, we had some snuggles, then I started on laundry.

We decided to go out for breakfast, so we took the roof off the car and headed to The Overflow Cafe. I guess we weren’t the only ones with that idea, they were packed! So we decided to go to the Great Canadian Bagel instead.

After breakfast we went to check out the roof vents at Canadian Tire. There’s no surprise that our trailer is slowly falling apart, and our vent in the bathroom is just the latest thing to break. Unfortunately, the vents they carry at Canadian Tire, are not compatible with our trailer, so we’re more than likely going to have to order it online.

Poppa came over to see our pictures from our trip. I put them up on the TV and we had a nice visit and chatted about all the cool places we saw!

I had a ladies night out with Becks for dinner to catch up over sushi. We talked just about every day while I was gone, but it’s way better to chat in person. She also bought me the cutest leggings and a bath bomb that looks just like Luka! I have the best bestie!!

I brought Jeff home some sushi, and then finished up on laundry while he washed the viper and the front of the rv.

Jeff took his freshly washed car out for a cruise before the sun set, and I had a quiet night on the couch with the pups. It was nice to have a relaxing day after being on the go for the past few days! But I still feel like we accomplished quite a bit today, so we may just have another laid back day tomorrow!


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