Full Time Trailer Living: Year 2, Day 308

It was a beautiful morning this morning and I debated going for a run, but decided to take the dogs for a walk instead. We loaded the pups into the truck and drove down to the waterfront.

We wandered all along the waterfront path.

Right to the bluewater bridges.

It started to get hot by the end of our walk. Luka was overheating, so we stopped and dunked her in the river.

That really cooled her off!

We headed home for lunch, and it’s a good thing we did. A summer storm rolled in. It was crazy and pouring cats and dogs, but still had blue skies.

After a lazy afternoon, we went out for a date night dinner. We ended up at Burger Rebellion, one of our faves.

Before the sun set, Jeff wanted to go for a river run, so we picked up the dogs, and Becks and Luna, and headed back to the river.

While Jeff floated down the river, we walked the path watching him. It was so busy because it was such a beautiful night, so the dogs were having a tough time. Too many other dogs and Luna’s nemesis, bicycles, made for a very difficult walk. Once Jeff made it to the bridge and got out of the water, we turned around and headed back to the truck.

We had a quiet evening, and an early night tonight. We wore out the pups with the two big walks, and we all crashed hard, but it was a fun day down by the water!!


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