Full Time Trailer Living: Year 2, Day 310

Today’s adventures brought us to London, Ontario for Jeff’s doctor’s appointment. It’s a yearly occurrence, and it took up the majority of our day.

We stopped by for a visit with Brendan, our friend and financial guy, then hit the highway. When we finally got home, we had dinner with mom on the back porch.

I was feeding Luka some popcorn chicken, so I tried tossing her a piece. It didn’t go well.

But it sure was cute!!

We took the pups for a walk after dinner. The gardens are in full bloom at Germain park and they’re looking beautiful!

We went to the zen garden for some quiet reflection.

And walked around the track before heading home. While we were walking back, we decided to go for frozen yogurt under the bridge.

It was delicious, and a great end to the day. I finished up the lemon anklet tonight. I love how it turned out!

Tomorrow is going to be a super busy day full of appointments in preparation for Brad and Kristen’s wedding!! I can’t believe my baby brother is getting married!


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