Full Time Trailer Living: Year 2, Day 311

My day started super early this morning. Mom and I really wanted to get our toes done before the wedding, so we made appointments at the Glass and Pillar Spa. The only time they had available that worked for us was 9:15am, which is super early for me, but it was totally worth it. It was so relaxing!

Next up, Jeff and I had an appointment with the bank to get a mortgage preapproval. We haven’t found a spot that we just have to have, but we want to be prepared in case we find the perfect property.

Since we were out, we stopped by the Overflow for a bite to eat and discuss our future. We really aren’t sure what we’re going to do. We love the rv lifestyle, but we’re also missing a home base and some of the luxuries of a sticks and bricks home. There are so many unknowns in our life, and we have many different options, so it’s hard to choose which is the right direction. I’m hoping eventually we will have an ah-ha moment.

Next up was my hair appointment. My step sister is an awesome hairstylist and she fixed me up for my brother’s wedding this weekend. I opted for some teal and black in my hair this time to match the dress I’m wearing.

After dinner we took the pups for an evening stroll around the neighborhood. We ended up walking over 2km!! We’re really trying hard to get Luka’s weight down, and she did great tonight!!

Tomorrow is the rehearsal dinner for the wedding. Mom is in charge of making lasagna for the dinner, so we went out after our walk and picked up all the groceries we needed to get that done. That way tomorrow we have just a little bit less to do. I have a feeling it’s going to be another busy day!


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