Full Time Trailer Living: Year 2, Day 313

My baby brother gets married today!! So it was a whirlwind of a day. Me and mom went off first thing this morning to get our hair done with Kristen and her bridesmaids.

We left there and went to Shopper’s Drugmart to get some new makeup, and they had a special going on, if you paid $10 you could have your makeup done!! So obviously we went that route instead of buying a ton of new stuff we’ll probably never use!

Next up was lunch with Poppa, Mom, Paul, my Aunt Linda, and my cousins David, Meg and Matt. We took the viper, so I’m glad I opted for a braid because my hair would have been a disaster otherwise!

After lunch we rushed home and got changed and ready to go! We picked up Meg and Matt from their hotel and headed for the wedding.

They’re service and reception were all at the Riding Club here in Sarnia. It was an unplugged event, so out of respect of the bride, groom and wedding party I have no pictures to share of them. But here’s some great pictures of us!!

It was a cash bar, and I’ve learned over my years that that can get pricey, so we packed a cooler and ended up tailgating for most of the night. But we did go in for the speeches and to do some dancing!

One of the best pictures I have, is our photo recreation, with about 30 years in between, with my cousin’s Justin and Lindsay.

We got it first take!! I love it!

We headed out around midnight. The pups were alone for over 6 hours, so they were super excited to see us. That’s probably one of the longest times they have been left alone. They did great, and I’m sure I worried more about them than I should have, but they’re our babies!!


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