Full Time Trailer Living: Year 2, Day 334

It was beautiful today! Warm, but with a nice cool breeze. After having a lazy morning, I decided to get out and run. I mean, the weather was perfect for it, so I kind of had to go. I managed to run a quarter km more than last time, so I’ll take that as a win.

I’m pretty out of shape, but I’m hoping it won’t take long to get back to my 5km runs. I just have to be consistent.

This afternoon we took Poppa’s power washer back. Jeff washed the side of his house for him. There was some algae build up since the sun doesn’t hit it.

While Jeff was hard at work, me and poppa video chatted with mom in Scotland. It sounds like she’s having a wonderful trip!!

This evening I took the pups for another walk with Becks and Luna. We are planning an arts and crafts tomorrow. I’m going to teach her how to make hemp bracelets!!

My hair felt so good today, so I decided to take a picture to see the difference. Here it is, after 3 washes.

I can’t believe the difference already. In both pictures I just brushed it and let it air dry. I’m shocked at how healthy it feels. I’ve been using a split end cream, and it is doing it’s job for sure!! I’m so glad I started using Monat!!

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