Full Time Trailer Living: Year 2, Day 337

First things first, I washed my hair today with the monat platinum line, and I love it! And this is how good it looked after just blow drying it!! I’m in love with my shampoo!

Today was the perfect day to get out in the car. There was a nice cool breeze so we were able to drive around with the top on. It’s still the wrecked roof, we are waiting for UPS to come inspect it before anything can happen I guess. Hopefully we get some news on that soon.

Our first stop was the Overflow Cafe for some breakfast and a visit. It was delicious as per usual. We decided while we were there, that we would drive out to Forest to check out this sunflower field we saw in the news. It’s called Miracle Max’s Minions, and it’s a field of sunflowers planted in honor of a young boy who recently lost his battle with leukemia.

Any of you who know us, know we will do anything to help raise money for leukemia and cancer research. So we donated some money, and took some pictures.

They have a section where you can cut and bring some home with you, so we took a couple to enjoy at home.

It’s such a beautiful idea, and it’s really bringing more awareness to cancer research, which is awesome.

This afternoon I picked up Becks and Luna, and took them to Luna’s vet. She has to get an injection in her knee because as a pup she injured it, and this is a preventative measure for later in her life. Since we were out, we took the pups for a walk around Lake Chipican in Canatara Park. They had a blast, and it was a beautiful day for a walk.

This evening I got mom’s car back from Brad and Kristen because she gets home tomorrow!! Paul is going to surprise her at the airport, and I know she’s going to be super excited to see him there. It sounds like she’s had a wonderful trip, and I can’t wait to hear all about it!!

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