Full Time Trailer Living: Year 2, Day 338

I had a doctor’s appointment this morning, and his office is just around the corner from my mom’s house, so I decided to walk over. It was cool this morning. I’m not ready for this weather. We still have 2 months before we can leave, so this weather better smarten up.

Thankfully, it warmed up this afternoon. We got the house ready for mom’s arrival, Jeff cut the grass, and we went out for bagels from the Great Canadian Bagel.

It was so nice this afternoon we decided to go back to Miracle Max’s Minions to get some drone shots. Last night, Jeff’s cousin Chrissy tagged us in a post from Brian, the owner of the sunflower field, asking for someone with a drone to come take some pictures. Obviously, we were honored to help!!

We got some great shots!! It was a perfect day for a flight!!

It was nice to meet the guy behind the field. And we were so happy to help out and donate some money. We will have a video up soon on the field, so stay tuned for that!!

After taking the drone footage there, we headed over to my mom’s friends to get some drone footage of their property so they could check how bad the erosion is. They’re right on the lake, and they used to have 6-8 feet of beach. The water is up quite a bit!!

What a property though!! It was beautiful!!

We headed home and had dinner and a quiet night while we waited for mom to get home. We told her not to bring us anything back from Scotland, unless it was edible.

She took it to heart, that’s for sure!! Also, I have to ask. Do any of you eat cheese and pickle sandwiches?? It’s one of my faves, but Jeff thinks it’s nasty. Mom brought this home for Poppa.

This must be where I get it from. This is a jar of pickles ideal for cheese sandwiches!! Sounds delish to me!!

Now that mom is home, I can talk about her bathroom. While she was gone, we painted!! It was a super pain in the ass, and we had to pull out the whole vanity!!

I picked out the colour, and thankfully she loves it!! We did it as a surprise, so we couldn’t post about it until she got home!!

It got chilly again tonight!! I hope this isn’t going to be a trend! We have turned into total wimps, and really like the warm weather. Plus, our trailer has 0 insulation, so it gets cold quick!!

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