Full Time Trailer Living: Year 2, Day 339

We slept in today, and had a lazy morning, looking at mom’s pictures from her trip and hearing all her stories. It sounds like she had an amazing time in Scotland, and it really made me want to do a European adventure.

And we finally heard about Jeff’s roof from the Viper Store! Apparently, UPS is trying to say that we signed something that waived their liability. We didn’t sign anything, so not only did they damage the roof, now they’re trying to be shiesters about it. The Viper Store is getting their rep involved, and thankfully, they’re still sending us a replacement!! It was being shipped today, so it should be here in a few days!! That’s so exciting! But I really hope they get things resolved with UPS.

I also have been working hard at my shampoo business. Check out all these before and after pics!!

Let me know if you want more info!!

We finally got moving this afternoon, and we went for a drive down the river. After that, I dropped off Jeff and went to walk with Becks and Luna. We had to walk early today, Becks had plans to go to the market, and we wanted to go to an open house.

What a waste of time that was. I was excited to check out this place because it was a bit outside the city, so there weren’t any direct neighbors. But it was such a small piece of land, so the house was built way too close to the road. And that was just what was wrong before we even went inside!

Inside, the layout was strange, and it needed a ton of work. Needless to say, we left pretty disappointed.

When we got home, we walked down to Giresis’s and grabbed some pizza for dinner. We had talked about going out this evening and getting some groceries, but we really didn’t feel like getting back into the truck. So instead, we watched the latest Beverly Hills 90210 and went to bed early.

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