Full Time Trailer Living: Year 2, Day 341

It was raining this morning, and I was worried it was going to be a crummy day. Thankfully, it cleared up and it turned out to be beautiful!! We decided to take the pups for a walk over to the park.

When we got home, Jeff got his car cleaned up, and we took it out for a drive to go check out an open house. It was another dud, but it was a great day for a drive!!

This evening, my cousin’s son was racing in Grand Bend, so we went to cheer him on!!

Honestly it was so much fun!! Logan is in the junior division. He had two races and he got second in both!

This was the last race of the year, and I’m bummed we didn’t make it out there sooner to watch!!

It got Jeff’s gears turning too! There’s a couple different classes he could race in, and I think he would have a blast!!

We are planning on another busy day tomorrow, so we stopped in Port Franks for a quick bite to eat, then headed home and tried to have an early night. Of course, when you know you should get up early, it’s impossible to get to sleep!!

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