Full Time Trailer Living: Year 2, Day 342

Today’s plan involved a ton of driving. We had talked about leaving super early this morning, but when our alarm went off, we both said ‘no way’ and went back to bed. So, we ended up leaving a bit later than planned, but everything worked out so it’s ok!!Today’s good hair day is brought to you by Monat.I’m still in shock that my hair looks like this without straightening it!! I could never do that before. My hair always ended up with kinks in it. I’m in awe, let me tell ya!! If you’re interested in any of the products, this is your starting point:https://hairquiz.monatglobal.com/select/countryAnyways, back to today. We hit the road late, but made great time getting to our destination in King City.Tim, aka @hapyhipi on Instagram, opened his home and car collection to all. This is Tim.They charged $20 a head, but all proceeds were being donated to the Alliston Humane Society. Any cause that helps animals is alright by me!!We had a blast wandering his estate. Jeff may have been drooling over his car collection.I may have drooled over his pole barn.It really is amazing to see how the other half lives.But, to be honest, it was like looking at Jeff in 20 years. He even collects hot wheels.And owns a few vipers.We spent a couple hours wandering around, and being social, then hopped back into the car and headed for Orangeville to visit Jeff’s grandma. Luka was not very excited to be back in the car.We had a nice visit with grandma, and Jeff’s cousin Kim and her fam and his aunt Judie. We hung out there for a while, then hit the road to make it home before sunset.Mission accomplished.It was a super long day in the car, but we had so much fun!! The pups were so good, but I guess we’ve trained them for days like today with all our travels.We crashed pretty hard when we got back to our trailer. What a great day though!!

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