Full Time Trailer Living: Year 3, Day 1

It’s our Nomadiversary!! Two years ago we handed over the keys to our house and embarked on this amazing and crazy adventure! This past year has been wild!! We have done so much, and today I went back and relived some of our adventures.

We started off our second year fixing our broken slide. But we got that fixed and hit the road running! We stayed in some new places, and saw some familiar faces.

We took the time to stop in Utah on our way west this past year and fell in love with the National Parks there.

We definitely had our hiccups, including someone breaking our truck window in Las Vegas, but the good definitely outweighed the bad. We even met Long Long Honeymoon!!

California was amazing. We had mom come visit. Kira and Logan stayed with us at Catalina for a bit. We fed giraffes. We found dinosaurs. We met Tim and Bri and gained more lifelong friends. We met Sharon Osbourne. And we learned how to boondock!!!

Boondocking was a gamechanger for us. It has totally changed how we travel. For the better. And not just because we can save mad cash now. But because we can go off the beaten path even more now.

And stay in even more beautiful places. And on the beach. For free!!

Our six months down south flew by. And our summer was full of fun, family events, and more travel!

I played in my annual hockey tournament. We pretty much painted mom’s entire house. We went to a couple of Jeff and Tige’s shows. And we spent a month in Essex with Jeff’s dad and Karen.

We partnered with SolidRF and gave away a cell phone signal booster. We visited a bunch of wineries. We visited the most southern point of Canada.

We met up with Kira and Logan in Quebec and did some exploring.

Our east coast trip was amazing. The Bay of Fundy was so beautiful. We got to experience the world’s highest tides and stayed at a park right on the Bay.

We met up with Jeff’s friend David in Saint John. Went to Hopewell Rocks. Found our first set of red chairs.

We went to Peggy’s Cove. Drove the Cabot trail. Met back up with Kira and Logan in PEI. Enjoyed the red mud and visited the Anne of Green Gables Historic site.

We saw the world’s largest axe. Saw lots of waterfalls. Road a giant pink flamingo down the St. Clair River. Watced my baby brother get married and enjoyed the summer in Jeff’s car.

We bought a new roof for Jeff’s car. Helped raise money for cancer research. Attended a few car shows. And watched Tom and Cindy tie the knot.

We ended our year back at Wildwood. It was just an ordinary, cool and crappy day. I went for a run, we reminisced on our past year, we talked about our future, and we had a nice dinner over at Doug and Karen’s.

We have been so blessed to do what we’ve done, and see what we’ve seen. I’m so excited to see what this next year has in store for us!!!

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