Full Time Trailer Living: Year 3, Day 2

It rained last night and woke us all up. It was a pretty heavy downpour and it made everything super soggy and very muddy when we got up this morning.

We still braved the muck and took the pups for a walk.

Both dogs got super dirty.

But they had a good walk and had fun dodging puddles. And when we got home, both were so bad that they had to have baths.

They were not happy about it.

But we used the Monat Pet line, and they both smell fantastic!!

After the pups were squeaky clean, we took them for a truck ride into Windsor to fill up with gas from Costco. As we got back to the park, the sun actually came out!!

It actually felt like a beautiful summer day, for all of about 25 minutes. We decided to have a super easy dinner of pizza and salad. The pups got their own slice because they’re spoiled rotten.

We walked over to enjoy a fire with Doug and Karen after dinner, then wandered home when it got dark. I made a new Halloween themed bracelet tonight while we watched TV.

I think it turned out pretty good!

Tomorrow is only supposed to get up to 57° so I feel like we’re going to hibernate for most of the day. Although I will probably go for a run, because that sounds like wonderful running weather! We got out our heavy blanket to keep us warm and we’re hoping it doesn’t get too cold in the trailer tonight!!

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