Full Time Trailer Living: Year 3, Day 4

We started off today by having our coffee and getting ready for family lunch with Jeff’s fam. We walked over to Doug and Karen’s, had a visit, then we went to the clubhouse for lunch.

We had a great meal, and a nice visit with everyone. Thankfully, the weather is a bit warmer today, so when we were done lunch, we took the pups for a nice long walk. There are a ton of bunnies around. This little guy didn’t even move until Jeff got close!

The rest of the day we watched movies and I worked on bracelets. I was able to get two more done today!

I’m loving how these are turning out! And they don’t take quite as long to make!

Tomorrow we hit the road, and head back to Sarnia. It was such a crummy week we don’t have much to pack up in the morning. But crappy weather aside, we had a great time here!! It was good to catch up with Doug and Karen. Hopefully we can meet up with them in Florida this winter!

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