Full Time Trailer Living: Year 3, Day 5

Today was a moving day for us. So this morning I gave the trailer a really good clean. I like having everything clean before we leave, so the set up at our next location is much easier. Plus, it rained all morning, so we didn’t want to start the outdoor pack up process until the rain cleared.

Thankfully, the sun came out before check out time at wildwood. We said goodbye to Doug and Karen, and hit the road headed back to Sarnia.

Jeff drove the Viper, and thankfully he didn’t have any issues with the clutch on the way. So he beat us back to Sarnia by a long shot. When I pulled up to mom’s, he was out back cutting the grass!

I finished up the grass, while Jeff backed the trailer back into the backyard and got us situated. With the trailer all set up, I started on laundry, and then helped mom with a roast dinner. Jeff got his car and the outside of the trailer washed while I was inside working away.

While we were gone, these beads that I ordered online finally arrived. Becks’s daughter requested a skull bracelet, but she wanted the skull to glow in the dark.

How awesome are these beads?? I can’t wait to start making bracelets with them!!

After dinner I had to run out for the ingredients for my homemade puppy food. The last batch lasted about 2 weeks, and both pups seem to enjoy it, so I figured I’ll keep it up. But before I started cooking, we went to meet up with Becks and Luna. We missed our walks with them last week!

It was such a beautiful sunset while we were walking, and thankfully Jeff went out for a drive and got some great pictures of it!

Next up, I headed back to mom’s and got started on the dog’s food. I just got the kitchen cleaned up from that, and was working on folding our laundry, when Jeff came in requesting tea biscuits. Since I was already a Suzie Homemaker today, I figured why not??

Needless to say, I’m beat. I feel like I didn’t stop all day!! And we have another long day tomorrow, but at least we can sleep in!!

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