Full Time Trailer Living: Year 3, Day 6

Today’s plan involved more driving. But we didn’t have much choice. Jeff had a doctor’s appointment in London this afternoon. But since it wasn’t until 2:45, I decided to get out for a run first. I pushed to try and up my time, but I burnt out after 4km.At least my time per kilometer was pretty good! And it was a beautiful day for a run!We got ready and hit the road. Our drive to London was exciting because the highway speed increased to 110km/hour which meant I could drive 125km/hour!!Jeff’s appointment was at a kidney clinic today since he’s seeing a new nephrologist. The clinic is right in a mall!! Next time, I’m going shopping. We waited almost an hour before we got in to see the doctor. But it was all good news for his appointment, so it was worth the wait.We were worried about traveling after Jeff’s fainting, but they decided to keep his medication the same as it was all last year, and we will reevaluate in the spring when we get back from our winter south. That’s a big weight off our shoulders!!We went to drop some things off at the Matt Cave after Jeff’s appointment, then went for a celebratory burger at 5 Guys before heading home. Yes, the pups also got a burger. They are so spoiled!The drive home was beautiful! We drove right into a gorgeous sunset!When we got home, Jeff switched out our lights. We had to order a new set of LED lights. We replaced them all about a year ago, but they weren’t a great quality. These new ones seem great and it definitely feels brighter. Hopefully they hold up better!Tonight I went with mom and Louise to bingo!! Man have things changed since the last time I went to a real bingo!! You get your own computer screen and it tracks your cards for you!! It was very overwhelming!Louise won, but me and mom were losers. I’m still hooked though!! I had so much fun!! I’m hoping I can convince Jeff to go one night. I think it would be a blast!!

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